Richard Sargent – May 18, 2023

Richard Sargent passed away on May 18th at the age of 82.  Before Richard retired over 15 years ago he worked in Certification & Testing on the Contact Management Team, as a technologist in the Signal Sensing Group and in the EMC lab.  A private funeral was held.

2 thoughts on “Richard Sargent – May 18, 2023

  1. I am sorry to hear about the passing of Richard. A very kind and generous person. In an effort to re-start a commercial am radio station operated by volunteers in the heart of the Amazon Jungle, Richard was instrumental in the construction of a critical component needed to make the operable again. At the time it was the only am radio station between Manaus and the Atlantic Ocean, a distance of more than 1600 Kms serving many indigenous and isolated communities along the Amazon River.
    … _._
    Bill Geneau

  2. Richard worked together with us in Signal Sensing and Controls and later moved into the EMC group. He gave his best all the time and in any project assigned, he took the trouble to go into details. He was a kind-hearted person. My prayers to his family in this time of sorrow.

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