Inspectors circa 1980s

Pack of wolves, murder of crows, litter of kittens … every group has a name. What should we call this group of inspectors? It certainly conjures up all sorts of memories. Are you in the photo? Do you recognize anyone? Do you know the date and occasion of the photo? Please share your thoughts.

Note: Click on the photo to get a larger screen image.

Thanks to Pam Grant for sharing this photo on her father, Larry Moore’s passing.

UPDATE: The picture elicited several responses and comments click the page numbers below to read all the comments:

7 thoughts on “Inspectors circa 1980s

  1. Here is my best shot: Inspectors Meeting Heritage Hotel 1983/1984, Front Row L-R, Roy Langdon, Colin Sewell, John Vellam, Larry Moore, Bob ?, Sean Kerins, Bill Geneau, Gerry Potter. Second Row L-R Ted Nunn, John Wilson, Ralph Gut, George McDonald, Peter Jovic, Rod Barron, Lloyd ?, Murray?, Park Seto, Terry Belanger, ?, Bob?, George?, Dave Mclean, Frank?, Alex Kidd, Dave Edwards, Frank Koren, Peter Mueller, Gary Armstrong, Steve?, Ray Cormie, Nick Alfano, Dennis McLeod, Werner Krajewski, ? Manny Gratz, Ron Wison.

  2. Wow, I remember that photo from when I first came on board in 1997. I was part of CSA’s acquisition of CGA. I had the pleasure of working with a dozen or so of those guys…a shout out to Nick Alfano, my mentor/trainer for a while…you’re partly responsible for how I turned out lol 😝. Seriously though, I really enjoyed my time at CSA, but more so being an inspector!

    Dave Mclean was our fearless leader back then, I can’t help but remember the mad scramble to download trips, rearrange 💩, assign trips and vying for position…in the end there were happy faces and some very long faces…and tons of green-sheets…someone must remember Bev and her assistant a black lady…keeper of the green sheets. But regardless of what trips I got, I new my place as a newbie! and I was alright with that because I had already been travelling all around the world for over 10 years by then.

    While still with CGA…early 90’s, I remember meeting Peter Mueller on a flight back from Brazil. We were both seated in the upper deck of a 747…I love 747’s…still Queen of the skies! I was asked if I wouldn’t mind switching seats in order to accommodate a couple, that’s when I ended up beside Peter. The “stewardess” (old time term for flight attendant), rewarded me with a 40 pounder (another old time term for 40oz…1.1 litre) of cognac. The two of us, me and Peter not the stewardess 🤷‍♂️, promptly made sure it didn’t see the light of day 🤪.

    Returning from trips was always a treat, much time was spent in the smoking room…small room near “The Cage” full of inspector’s drinking tons of coffee, chain smoking and swapping stories about our trips…as well as other things 😉.

    Although it was work…serious work, and it was difficult being away from family and friends for long periods of time, nothing can replace the adventures of being an inspector…well worth it!?..not to mention seeing the world many times over on someone else’s nickel 🤟😎👍

    P.S. I created my email address wandrr@ in the early 90’s, so I can appreciate “The Happy Wanderers”…they did Wander!

    RIP Larry Moore, Sean Kerins & Park Seto

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