Mike Nagata

Mike Nagata passed away on January 19, 2022 at the age of 94. Mike was born in Vancouver and was one of many brothers and sisters. Mike is survived by his sister and nieces and nephews.

After studying engineering at UofT, Mike joined CSA. During his long career he worked in various product groups and in several management roles. He had been the Lab Manager and was Director of the Lab when he retired. Mike retired in 1999 after 47 years of service.

Mike was involved in the design of the ’85 building, which was known to many of us as the “New Building”. After retirement he continued to use his skills doing audits for the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) Lab Accreditation Program, even auditing CSA!

Mike kept in touch with many of his former colleagues and is remembered as a great guy to talk to and work with.

The family has posted an obituary in the Toronto Star. Visit Mike’s Obituary.

A private funeral is planned.

Inspectors circa 1980s

Pack of wolves, murder of crows, litter of kittens … every group has a name. What should we call this group of inspectors? It certainly conjures up all sorts of memories. Are you in the photo? Do you recognize anyone? Do you know the date and occasion of the photo? Please share your thoughts.

Note: Click on the photo to get a larger screen image.

Thanks to Pam Grant for sharing this photo on her father, Larry Moore’s passing.

UPDATE: The picture elicited several responses and comments click the page numbers below to read all the comments:

How To Sign-up for Zoom Sessions

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Zoom Social

Checkout these screenshots of the November 12th Zoom Social. We had 11 participants who spent up to 2 hours sharing thoughts on Remembrance Day, moving, where to buy the best Italian delicacies, a guitar collection, latest sewing projects, CSA memories, and more!

We look forward to holding another Zoom Social.

Introducing Retirees’ Club President – Brian McCran

We’re pleased to announce that Brian McCran has been elected President of the CSA Retirees’ Club.

Brian replaces Ajmer Bal who tragically passed earlier this year.

Brian was an engineer in the Audio-Visual group which included surge suppressors and gaming machines for 32 years. Just prior to retirement, Brian was the Technical Advisor. He was also a member and past president of the EMBA.

Post retirement, Brian has been involved in the Retirees’ Club since 2009. He keeps busy volunteering for several groups, skiing and enjoying time with his family.