Exciting Announcement re Zoom for 2021

Your Retiree Executive have just extended our Zoom subscription for the rest of the year.  This will allow us to continue to run Zoom Socials on a regular basis.

On January 13th, 15 people joined our Zoom Social, spending almost 2 hours sharing their views on various topics.  We even had 2 of our nonagenarians (that’s someone in their nineties) telling tales of CSA days of yore.  Did you know that some CSA staff were once housed in a former Planter’s Peanuts factory?  You needed to protect your lunch (think camping) as not all of the previous inhabitants had left.

Zoom is easy to use and requires little preparation.  To be able to use Zoom, you’ll need a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera and microphone.  Don’t have a computer?  That’s okay, we have the ability for people to call in by phone.

Make sure that you are kept up-to-date by subscribing to this website.  To subscribe click on the “+ Follow” in the lower right-hand corner of this webpage.  You’ll be asked to provide your e-mail address.  You’ll receive an-mail whenever we post to the website.

Keep an eye out for an announcement on our February Zoom Social.

Zoom Social

Checkout these screenshots of the November 12th Zoom Social. We had 11 participants who spent up to 2 hours sharing thoughts on Remembrance Day, moving, where to buy the best Italian delicacies, a guitar collection, latest sewing projects, CSA memories, and more!

We look forward to holding another Zoom Social.

Introducing Retirees’ Club President – Brian McCran

We’re pleased to announce that Brian McCran has been elected President of the CSA Retirees’ Club.

Brian replaces Ajmer Bal who tragically passed earlier this year.

Brian was an engineer in the Audio-Visual group which included surge suppressors and gaming machines for 32 years. Just prior to retirement, Brian was the Technical Advisor. He was also a member and past president of the EMBA.

Post retirement, Brian has been involved in the Retirees’ Club since 2009. He keeps busy volunteering for several groups, skiing and enjoying time with his family.

Breakfast at Wally’s

Wally’s Breakfasts resume August 10, 2021.

Although Wally’s address is 123 Rexdale Blvd., it’s actually on the east side of Kipling, south of Rexdale.  It’s behind (south) of the Royal Bank.  It’s accessible from Kipling or through the Shoppers Drug Mart (next to the bank) parking lot.

Wally’s doesn’t have a buffet, but they offer an extensive. affordable breakfast menu. Wally’s Menu

A small group of CSA retirees gather for breakfast at 9:00 on the second Tuesday of each month.

In Memoriam

We continue to lose fellow retirees and former co-workers.  May they always be remembered.


  • Kim Forbes – January 25
  • Alan Ross – March 1
  • Frederik Kuntz – April 24
  • Iain Lowe – May 14
  • Roman Krygiel – July 16
  • Suhwan Ahn – July 27
  • Veni Christante – September 26
  • Jim Frangakis – October 9
  • Sean Kerins – October 9


  • Lynn Edwards – January 13
  • Janet Booth – January 28
  • Ajmer Bal – April 7
  • Jim Robinson – April 30
  • Lyn Bortolin – May 2
  • Andy Krumins – May 6
  • Myrna Webster – May 19
  • Art Gazley – June 23
  • Ain Rosin – September 12
  • Ron Pogue – November 10
  • Renzo Pupulin – November 22


  • Trudy Dyrda – January 14
  • Mike Dodd – January 15
  • Alice Adair – January 27
  • Alvin McLean – March 1
  • Fern Schofield – March 9
  • Ray Cheyne – March 23
  • Bill Hegel – April 8
  • Don White – June 8
  • Keith Sidwell – November 1
  • Vi Johnson – December 23


  • Fritz Cramer – February 3
  • Yvonne Moores – March 8
  • Michael Henville – March 9
  • Sarwar Hassan – April 2
  • Max Katchky – August 1
  • Patricia Moorley – September 1
  • Tony Ogborn – October 21
  • Iolanda D`Orsogna – November 20
  • Erik Loevenmark – November 26


  • Linda Sampson – January 18
  • Joe Perdue – April 6
  • Betty McCaughan – May 2
  • Lee Westra – August 13
  • Katie Dinshaw – September 2
  • Donald Hanney – September 22
  • Beryl Chapman – November 8
  • Ken Dowling – December 17
  • Zain Shah – December 21


  • Walter Steinmetz – February
  • Roy Kerr (QMI) – May
  • Ed Dydo (QMI) – August
  • Paul Schlote – September
  • Werner Krakewski – October
  • Robin Haighton – December

CSA: One of Canada’s 150 Iconic Brands

Canada Flag 2

Interbrand, an independent Canadian marketing firm, identified 150 iconic Canadian Brands in a recently published report.

The introduction states:  “In honour of Canada 150, we are proud to share “The Interbrand 150: Iconic Canadian Brands Report—Our time to grow.” This report showcases the influence and impact of Canadian brands, and celebrates 150 companies, organizations and institutions that make us authentically Canadian, some of which pre-date our country’s 1867 confederation.”

You can download the report from the Interbrand website or view the 150 history time-line.  You’ll recognize many names like Kraft Dinner, Tim Horton’s, Bombardier, Seagram’s, HBC,  Cirque du Soleil, and CSA Group!

The report says… “CSA Group has been helping build our nation—and keep us safer—since 1919 through standards and testing that span almost every facet of Canadian life, from the railways that bring us together, to the helmets that help protect hockey players, to the healthcare we hold dear, and much more.”

How wonderful that we can say we’ve been part of an iconic Canadian brand.


Retiree Club Executive


The executive consists of:

  • Brian McCran – President
  • Daniel Barbini – Treasurer
  • Mel Doig – Secretary
  • Terri Smith – Web Administrator
  • Susan Morley – Member-at-Large
  • Chiu Wong – Member-at-Large
  • Kris Jones – Member-at-Large

You can contact the executive at csaretirees.info@gmail.com or through the “Contact Us” page.