Retirees Club Executive

Here`s a screen capture of our recent Retirees Club Executive. Do you recognize everyone? Across the top is Terri Smith, Susan Morley and Brian McCran. That’s Mel Doig, Chiu Wong and Daniel Barbini on the next line. And Kris Jones on the bottom.

At our Annual General Meeting on October 25,2021, Tom Tabor and Sue Pearse stepped down, Brian McCran was elected for a second term as president, and Chiu Wong and Kris Jones were elected as directors. Thanks to Tom and Sue for being part of the executive.

In 2022 Terri, Susan, Mel and Daniel came up for re-election and during the October 27, 2022 AGM were unanimously re-elected for another 2 year term.

CSA: One of Canada’s 150 Iconic Brands

Canada Flag 2

Interbrand, an independent Canadian marketing firm, identified 150 iconic Canadian Brands in a recently published report.

The introduction states:  “In honour of Canada 150, we are proud to share “The Interbrand 150: Iconic Canadian Brands Report—Our time to grow.” This report showcases the influence and impact of Canadian brands, and celebrates 150 companies, organizations and institutions that make us authentically Canadian, some of which pre-date our country’s 1867 confederation.”

You can download the report from the Interbrand website or view the 150 history time-line.  You’ll recognize many names like Kraft Dinner, Tim Horton’s, Bombardier, Seagram’s, HBC,  Cirque du Soleil, and CSA Group!

The report says… “CSA Group has been helping build our nation—and keep us safer—since 1919 through standards and testing that span almost every facet of Canadian life, from the railways that bring us together, to the helmets that help protect hockey players, to the healthcare we hold dear, and much more.”

How wonderful that we can say we’ve been part of an iconic Canadian brand.