Mo Turns 100

Mo Polansky: 100 Years Young

You may or may not know Mo, but you’d never guess his age.  He cuts an imposing figure and is still as sharp as a tack!  He’s also an active CSA retiree.  Before COVID-19 derailed all activities, Mo regularly joined fellow retirees at the monthly breakfast.  He also participated in field trips like the Wine Tour and our infamous Christmas Luncheon at the Weston Golf & Country Club

Mo’s grandparents left the Ukraine in 1892 and settled in Canada.  Born in Saskatchewan, Mo was only 19 when he signed up to fight in World War II.  He joined the Canadian Army and was sent to Europe.  In 1943, his troopship was torpedoed off the coast of Algeria and he had to be rescued from the sea.  In Italy, Mo served as a Tank Commander.  His unit was later transferred to the Netherlands where he participated in the Liberation of the Netherlands.

After the war, Mo studied to be an engineer at the University of Manitoba, moved to Toronto, and married eventually having two daughters.  He started working at Ontario Hydro, and then joined CSA in 1954 about the same time that CSA moved to Rexdale.  Mo worked as an engineer on Temperature Regulating and Indicating Equipment, and Mobile Homes. He became part of the Management Team, responsible for the Branch Offices.  He was also active in the EMBA.  Mo retired in 1986.

Mo at Retiree Events


Mo served on the EMBA for many years. Do you recognize the 1984 executive?

Front Row: Bette Schofield, Linda Kennedy. Second row: by Pat Paladino, Randy Murphy, Doug Hay, Brian McCran, Paul Scholte. Third Row: Bill Wetmore, Keith Sidwell, Mo Polansky.


From Dennis Bordignon:  We’ve never met, but Happy early Birthday! Great life story…not too many can say that…but if you’re up to it, let’s do another round. Wishing you continued Health and Happiness!  

From Irma Vescan: Happy 100th Birthday! This is an incredible birthday. Have wonderful happy, healthy birthday now and forever. You had an amazing life so far, make sure you keep it the same from now on.

From Ana Adari: Happy birthday and keep going healthy and happy. Was nice to meet a Mench at CSA when I started in Certifications in August 1981. Happy 100 Mo. Ad mea ve esrim .You are a real Mench and I was lucky to meet you at CSA when I joined the Engineering team in August 1981.

From John Softley:  Looking good Mo! I know I will never make it to 100. Congratulalation and Happy Birthday!

From Linda Kennedy:  Many fond memories working for you Mo, who would guess you were 100.  Whatever the secret is keep up the good work. Happy Birthday and many more in good health.

From Thane Crozier:  Happy 100th Birthday. I enjoyed working with you when our CSA careers overlapped in the 1980’s. And thanks, Mo, for being instrumental in organizing the CSA Retirees Club just before you retired.

From Ivan Milkovic:  Happy 100th birthday dear Mo, and many more in good health. It has been pleasure for me occasionally to deal with you at CSA for 6 years before you retired. It has been even grater pleasure for the past 12 years (since I retired) to have once a month CSA retirees breakfast and enjoy your company and always interesting conversations about many topics of mutual interest.

From Paul Caverly:  Mo was a good guy in management. He often said hello to me and others when he was walking around the building. You have had an interesting life. I salute you as a veteran of the Canadian Arm Forces.

Sorry I will not be able to attend your celebration Zoom Birthday Party.

From Brian C. Black:  Hi Mo, Many years ago I joined CSA and on the very first day was introduced to you. Your corner office was beside Jim Duncan . A real pleasure for me. You had that very pleasant personality and made me very welcome to CSA. And that personality never changed in all the years I knew you. Funny but my first recollection of you was of the famous movie actor who wore a Trilby Hat and acted in so many NY detective movies . He was tall like you and wore a DB suit. Is the suit 100 years old also?

Mo as they say in Ireland may your Shadow never grow short and may you be forty years in Heaven before the devil knows you are dead.

Many many Happy Returns on this wonderful 100th Birthday. Very Sincerely Brian

From Lynda Payne:  MO…..I remember scurrying by your office with reports & you called me a “roadrunner” & to slow down. It was a joke but one I remembered over the years. You are someone to remember as many do @ CSA and friendship to retirees. A thoughtful gentleman. Can’t join your party but want to wish you the happiest birthday – 100 WOW.

From Madeline De Faveri:  Many Happy Returns MO this is a great time to celebrate your 100th Birthday even if it has to be on Zoom, I cannot believe you have reached this milestone you have aged very well. God Bless You. I remember you from the various outings with the CSA retirees and hopefully there will be many more outings soon, Happy Birthday Mo.

From Bette Schofield: Hi Mo, wow where did the time go? I often think of you and how you love cookies, do you still like to eat them? Many good memories working at CSA and many good laughs also. I am glad to see you enjoying life, have talked to Veni and he has informed me of all that you do, this all helps doesn’t it to keep going forward. Anyway you have a great 100 day and hearing from many of your friends. I was scheduled to join but I am having such a problem with the Zoom thing. Will try and keep in touch with many of you who worked at CSA, such a long line eh. Take care Mo have a great day. Sending a big hug to you.

From Uri Weisz: A very happy birthday Mo. We met 35 years ago, the day you came around to say good bye to your colleagues. You wished me and Byron Shore good luck. Lots of health and happiness

From Brian Harmer: Best wishes on your special day Mo. Take care and have many more.

From Susan Pearse: Congratulations on this amazing milestone. Have a very Happy 100th Birthday. You don’t look a day over 75.

From Daniel Barbini: Best Wishes Mo on your 100th Birthday. Quite a milestone and a life story. Though you retired 3 years after I started, I still remember going to meetings at the Mo-Po Meeting room which was in the South-East Corner of Rexdale complex before it was renovated. Looking forward to the Retire Breakfasts again once we can be together.

From Susan Morley: Best wishes on your 100th birthday Mo. Sadly I didn’t have many opportunities to work with you as you retired not long after I started at CSA, but, I came into CSA already knowing of “Mr. Polansky” through my father John Morley, who worked with you. He thought of you as a true gentleman, a reputation you continue to live up to. Hope you enjoy your extra special day, and have lots of fun celebrating it.

From Wendy Pogue: Hi Mo, Happy 100th Birthday… My husband, Ron Rogue would have really enjoyed your
Birthday Celebration and seeing everyone once again… I know he would have had a good
story or two to tell about the good old days… Keep Healthy, Happy, Strong…
Thanks again for the invitation & being so welcoming… Many Blessings

From Ralph Shynal: Wishing my belated congratulations to Mo for reaching such a great milestone. He gives us all hope that  this milestone can be reached by the rest of us.

From Dave McLean: Dave said he was sorry he was unable to join the party and wanted to to pass on his congratulations to Mo.