Ajmer Bal – April 7, 2020


Lawn Bowling Group 2019 - Ajmer Cropped

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ajmer Bal and his wife Sue.  Ajmer and Sue had been on an extended holiday in Thailand, returning mid-March.  They contracted COVID-19 and entered hospital last week. Tragically, they both passed away on Tuesday April 7th.  Ajmer had just turned 80 last week.  A memorial service may be held at a later date.

Ajmer graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering in England, worked in the UK, married Sue and emigrated to Canada.  He worked in the Telecom and Signaling industry and at Chubb before joining CSA in 1979.  He retired as a Senior Engineer for the Electrical Sensing Group.

In 2010 Ajmer became President of the CSA Retirees Club, attending all retiree events and joining fellow retirees at the monthly breakfast.  A series of photographs of Ajmer at various events can be found on the Photos of Ajmer page.

He will be missed.

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28 thoughts on “Ajmer Bal – April 7, 2020

  1. What a tragedy – it brings the virus right to our door steps. Ajmer was a true gentleman in many ways. A gentle man with never a bad word for anyone and always positive. Our grief will be long.

    John Kean

  2. I will miss his leading the Retirees group meetings. It won’t be the same without him. May his family find strength and comfort.

  3. Ajmer was a very kind and generous man. His contribution to Foster Parents/Plan Canada were second to none. May he and his wife rest in peace together. Many condolences to the family grieving and left behind.
    Sincerely missed.

  4. One of the good guys, Ajmer was a gentle, polite, patient, knowing and helpful man. He was always a gentleman to all. The world needs more people to behave like him.

  5. This is certainly a terrible tragedy, Ajmer was a very friendly man and it was a joy to have him planning all the retirees outings etc. Sincere condolences to all his family. May they rest in peace.

  6. Ajmer was certainly one of the good guys, and this is a very tragic event that we who knew him feel, doubly so since his wife was taken the same way. If I am informer correctly they have no relatives in Canada, and it would be in order for the CSA Retirees Group to show their respect for their former president by listing him in the “obituary” column of the Toronto Star. Best regards and keep safe………..Cliff

  7. Ajmer continued to work in the IEC TC72 committee work even after retirement. Whenever we met he will leave the technical discussions aside and inquire about family members. He was always there to get a second opinion on technical issues. He will be greatly missed by all of us.

  8. WHAT A SHOCK! We can only hope that Ajmer and his wife are the only victims of Covid19 among our group of friends. STAY SAFE! Best regards, Ralph Shynal

    On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 1:30 PM CSA Retirees Club wrote:

    > csaretireesinfo posted: ” It is with great sadness that we announce the > passing of Ajmer Bal and his wife Sue. Ajmer and Sue had been on an > extended holiday in Thailand, returning mid-March. They contracted > COVID-19 and entered hospital last week. Tragically, they both” >

  9. Very sad news to hear. Many fond memories of working with Ajmer especially during my early years at CSA. A very courteous, thoughtful, helpful and knowledgeable man. He always had a positive outlook. He was a Gentleman indeed. My Condolences to the family and may him and his wife Sue rest in peace.

  10. Ajmer was a remarkable man and everyone at CSA is better for have known him. He will be greatly missed and everyone here at CSA Retirees Group is saddened by his death.

  11. Ajmer was such a gentle soul, but a strong one. The personification of a gentleman. It was my pleasure to get to know him better during my time with CSA Retirees Club. He will be sorely missed.

  12. A true gentleman and a strong supporter of Canadian values. I am proud to have called him a friend during our years together at CSA and in all the years since.

  13. I had privilege to be Ajmeer’s colleague, neighbor and friend for many years. We would always great each other with words:” Hi, young man!” and laugh afterwards. The older we were, the funnier it was.
    After we retired, Ajmeer, Brian McCran and I would meet frequently and attend various events and visit many places in GTA.
    My dear “young man”, rest in peace with your beloved Sue. You will be sadly missed forever.

  14. May his soul rest in peace.
    What a shock ! I met Ajmer at the Etobicoke Lawn Bowling Club. He gave few directions to improve my game. He is a real gentleman. We are both electrical engineers with a lot in commun. I will miss him.

  15. Ajmer and Sue were our dear uncle and auntie, we used to chat almost every weekend, they were grandparents to my two daughters as part of our extended family, we are all missing them deeply they were both kind and gentle souls.

  16. The news of the passing of my uncle and aunt came as a big shock to the family.
    Having spent at least every other weekend chatting with them (Ajmer in particular), especially since the passing of my father, their abcense has left a big void.
    They will be missed immensely.

  17. This comes as shock to me. Ajmer was always respectful and willing to have a warm and polite conversation. He was one person for whom I had great respect. Those casual encounters at the CSA retirees events will be missed … condolences to his surviving family.

  18. I was shocked today to learn of Ajmer’s (and Sue’s) passing. We worked together on compliance issues for decades while he was at CSA. I was also fortunate to have traveled extensively with Ajmer (and often Sue) to IEC TC72 Meetings around the globe.

    Kind, professional, the consummate gentleman.

    The world has lost two wonderful people.

    RIP Ajmer & Sue…

  19. Such a loss. Ajmer was such a, gentle and kind person. He was a great colleague when he was at CSA, and joyous participant of our Retirees Club when he retired. He will be greatly missed.

  20. We are sad to hear this.
    Sue and Ajmer were both wonderful persons and my wife and me are greatful we had them as friends. We keep the wonderful time we spend together in mind.
    Sue and Ajmer

  21. This is a very bad information.
    Sue and Ajmer were a wonderful couple. My family and me are proud, we could spend some time together and we called each other friends.
    RIP Sue and Ajmer

  22. Mike Nagata says:
    I was shocked to learn of the loss of Ajmer and his wife Sue. A quiet, gentle person and wonderful friend who was always willing to provide help . Ajmer was highly respected by all his colleagues and friends during his tenure at CSA. I will always remember the wonderful positive technical exchanges we had together during our careers at CSA, A great loss. My deepest condolences to the surviving family

  23. I didn’t know Mr Ajmer, I worked with his wife Sue at University of Toronto, for 25 years she was an amazing woman, although we’re retired
    We always met for lunch once a year for the last 20 years with a group of friends, it was chock to learn this terrible news. She may rest in peace with her husband. Sue you will be missed, by Ron, Suzanne, David, Fabien, Vinkent and Hack.
    Au revoir chere amie.
    Jean l.lepage

  24. Feel very sad to hear the news Ajmer was like a elder brother used to call him bhaji and sue bhabi ji they were great couple they always will be in our hearts and mind.May God rest their souls in peace.

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